Your Requirements and Responsibilities as a Host Family in the Netherlands

If you choose to employ an au pair, there are certain requirements that you need to meet, and once you have the aupair with you, make sure that you are able to carry out your responsibilities as a host family.

In the Netherlands, an au pair stays with the host family for a maximum of one year, and here is a list of requirements for those families who are planning to have an au pair in their home:

  • You should have at least one child under 18 years old who is living with you.

This is because an aupair is tasked to help you in taking care of your child/children while you are away for work. It is also important that you prepare your children for the coming of a new person to your family and tell them to treat her as a family member.

  • There should be a room where your aupair can stay comfortably.

After doing her tasks, your aupair needs to relax, and of course, she deserves some privacy. You should then provide her with a room that she can exclusively use as her own during her stay with your family.

  • You should have enough income to support the needs of your aupair while she stays with your family.

As a host family, you should have enough income to be able to give your aupair 3 full meals a day and to answer all her needs for a full accommodation and full board. Though you are not required to give a salary to your aupair, you should give her a monthly pocket money which is about 300 to 500 euros for her personal needs.

  • You should allow her to enroll in a language course.

You should be willing to adjust to your aupair’s schedule to give her the chance to learn about your country’s language in a formal setting as it is a necessary part of her travel. Hence, you should help her learn the language while she’s still in your country.

These are some of the basic requirements that you should meet in order to get some help for your family, especially for your children. You should also know that aupairs are advised to help in doing some light household chores, so this makes things much easier for you.

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Your Requirements and Responsibilities as a Host Family in the Netherlands

How to Have a Good Relationship with Your Host family?

When you work as an aupair, particularly in the Netherlands, there are many things that you need to know about your host family considering that you differ in many ways, from their language to the food they eat, they way they do things and a lot more. By trying to observe them keenly and by living the way they do, you’ll be able to develop a good relationship with them which is of course very important in your job as an aupair. Here are some guidelines that can help you in dealing with your host family:

  • Have a Clear Understanding of Your Duties

It is necessary that during the orientation with your host family, you understand your job clearly. If there are gray areas, do not hesitate to ask questions to clarify them. This can help both of you in making sure that you meet each other’s expectations which can lead to having a great relationship.

  • Be Professional

Though your host family can be very kind to you, you need to remember that they are considered your employer for the short time you stay in their home, so give them the respect that they deserve. Be friendly to them and to their kids, but never abuse their kindness. This will give them the impression that you are really professional as you know your boundaries and you deserve to be respected as well.

  • Communicate with Them

Since you are taking care of their children, you need to tell them what has happened at home or in school whether favorable or not to their kids. By being honest, you will gain their trust even more. You also need to tell them any positive idea that you think can help their kids, especially in school. They will most likely appreciate it. Many host families treat their au pair as a member of their family, so you might as well show them that you also care for them, especially for their children.

  • Help with Light Household Chores

Just like staying in your own home, you also need to show interest in doing some household chores, especially those which you can readily do like dusting, washing the dishes, cleaning the children’s mess and the like. This will make your host family think that you also consider them as family members which can strengthen your good relationship.

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How to Have a Good Relationship with Your Host family?

3 Benefits of Being an Au Pair

One of the top benefits of having an au pair in your house is that you can have your own live-in child assistance, and it will simplify your life as you also have available assistance to some light household duties. You will have extra pair of hands that will help you ease your burden due to your hectic schedule and can provide you with the comfort you need.

On the other hand, being an au pair also provides you with lots of benefits such as living in another country for free, receiving a pocket money, and being with a host family who may treat you as their own member. There can be even more! These include the following”

  • Being a Part of the Family

Being an au pair, you get the chance to live with a host family providing them with regular live-in child assistance. You will then be considered as a member of your host family like a big brother or sister to the children. You are also encouraged to join any events and outings involving the family for you to experience and learn more about the culture of the country.

  • Learn More Languages

You have the chance to master your communication skills by fully immersing yourself in different languages. English may be the basic language used to communicate with your host family, but you must also familiarize yourself with the language of the country you are in. This can be an experience that comes only once in a lifetime, so make the most out of it!

  • Gain More Experience

Being in an au pair program, you will gain important work experience from rendering your service to your host family. Aside from household chores, you will learn the proper way of child care. You can use this experience when you apply for a job in the future, and through this, you can show to your future employers how dependable and hardworking you are, thus giving your more chances of getting the job.

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3 Benefits of Being an Au Pair

4 Must-Have Qualities of a Good Au Pair

If you are looking for a good opportunity to work abroad for a new experience, maybe being an au pair is best suited for you. Au pairs are individuals who travel abroad in order to help a family with childcare and some light household chores. Being an au pair gives you the privileges of traveling abroad, receiving a pocket money,  and living with an amazing host family who treats you like a genuine member.

If you aspire to become one, here are some of the common qualities that will help you become a good au pair.

  • Be Patient
    Work that involves childcare is the most challenging job ever. It takes a lot of patience for you to be able to do this job. As an au pair, you should always be ready for unexpected and sometimes difficult things to happen. If you are patient enough, children will tend to like you. A good au pair knows how to discipline children closely similar to what parents do but in the most comfortable and convincing way.
  • Be Mature
    If you want to be an au pair, you should be at least 18 to 30 years old. The reason for this is that host families are not looking for another child to take care of; they need someone who is mature enough to take care of their children. You should also be able to do your duties with minimal supervision.
  • Have Initiative
    Being an au pair, you should work on your own because most of the time, you are left at home with the kids, so a little initiative will go a long way. Always make sure that you do your job well and be attentive to what the family needs, just like what you would actually do to your own family.
  • Be Adaptable
    As an au pair, you should be open-minded especially because you are in a foreign land whose culture can be far different from your own. This can help you adapt to different situations and can make your life as an au pair a happy one. You also need to prepare for  any necessary changes that the family gives you like changing your work schedule or the task given to you.

Having these qualities as an au pair can result in amazing experiences and in developing a good  relationship with your host family. Being a good au pair also requires a lot of talents and skills like childcare and doing light household chores.

To be a successful aupair, you should be committed to your work and  loyal to your host family.  This might not be a very easy task  but with enough  courage and determination, you can surely succeed.

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4 Must-Have Qualities of a Good Au Pair

The 6 Dos of Hosting an Au Pair

Interviewing and matching a perfect au pair for your family can take a lot of your time and effort. However, keep in mind that finding a good one can also give you and your children a lot of advantages.

Once you have decided and found the perfect au pair, it’ll be nice of you to give them a little special treatment so they feel welcomed into your home. To ensure that the relationship between you, your children, and your au pair can go smoothly, here are a few “dos” to keep in mind:

  • Do Welcome Your Au Pair

Allow your au pair to feel they are included in your family. Welcome and encourage them to be a part of the family while they’re staying at your home. Educate your children to treat them well as they do with you, and respect them as if they’re part of the family.

  • Do Give Your Au Pair A Comfortable Bedroom

Offer them a nice and clean bedroom with freshly painted walls and a freshly made bed with some nice and clean sheets. Let them have some space and privacy, and allow them to be in their own sanctuary. Don’t forget to remind them to keep the room looking good and that they have to clean it on their own.

  • Do Ask an Au Pair to Do Light Housework

Tell your au pair to help you do some light housework. An Au Pair can help you in your day to day house management, as well as any chores or tasks related to your children. Don’t forget to speak and ask nicely as you make some requests.

  • Do Give Clear House Rules

Give your au pair clear house rules, and provide them with a list or a timetable of tasks and chores for your house and your children. Be clear also about your expectations for them, and be realistic and fair towards your Au Pair.

  • Do Notice Your Au Pair

Try to spend some time with them as it would be rude to just run out the door acting like they don’t exist. Help your au pair explore the area, bring them to the kids’ school or any other places your kids frequently visit, and show them some local stores or shops.

Also, let your children get to know the Au Pair better. Ask them to cook a meal for your children and for the rest of your family that is unique to their country. Also, search for facts about your au pair’s country and ask them to share it with your family.

  • Do Encourage Your Au Pair

Let your au pair join local groups or sports clubs. Encourage them to meet other au pairs or students in the neighborhood and introduce them to other people of their own age. This way, they will feel good being in their new surroundings.

Respect your au pair as much as you want them to respect you. Treat them as if they belong to your family so they can better perform in their daily work. If you are searching for an au pair, you can always check out Wecare AuPair. They connect you with a hardworking Filippijnse aupairs. If you’re interested, you can check out their website at!

The 6 Dos of Hosting an Au Pair

The 8 To-Dos of Being An Au Pair

Anyone can be an Au pair as long as they are mature, hard-working and patient. Adapting to new cultures and establishing a good solid relationship with the parents are also needed, and admittedly, sometimes, it could be overwhelming.

Being an au pair creates a lot of meaningful memories especially if you are enjoying your job. You can learn different cultures, meet new people, and most importantly form a meaningful bond with your host family especially with the children you’ll be taking care of.

For a better stay as an au pair with your assigned host family, here is a to-do list you can use as a guide:

  • Neat and Clean Bedroom

Do make your bed as neat and clean as possible. Keep your bedroom presentable at all times while living with the host family. Even if you think they won’t notice it, but they will, because it’s still their house. That being said, make sure to arrange all your things and make your bed every morning to keep the place tidy. Don’t let your host family think you are a messy person.

  • Cook a Traditional Recipe from Your Country

Try cooking up a recipe from your home country. It’ll be nice for you to share something special with them from your home. Give it your best shot and allow them to taste your local food specialties.

  • Communicate

It is extremely important for an au pair to communicate with the host family. For the parents, you can give feedback to them about how their kids were or what they did during the day. They will be pleased to hear more about them, and this will also help strengthen your relationship with the parents. As for the children, you just have to learn to love them, be with them, and allow yourself to play with them. Don’t forget to also teach them a few things like the language of your country, values, and more.

  • Fit In

Find out what the family’s hobbies, favorites, likes and dislikes, and the children’s interests are. This would make it a lot easier for you to fit in, but do set your limits and try to fit in appropriately as opposed to invasively.

  • Remember Special Events

Remembering special events like birthdays, mother’s day, or anniversaries show that you are embracing and willing to serve your host family; extra effort will always be appreciated. Practicing thoughtful gestures like simple greetings or giving gifts can help form a strong bond with them.

  • Professionalism

Try to avoid complaining and try to not get involved with any sensitive family matters or businesses even if you are close with the family. Remember you need to set limitations. You are employed there to take care of the family’s children, not the other way around.

  • Relaxation

It is okay to relax and de-stress every once in awhile as long as the kids are safe and the parents are happy.

  • Make Many Great Memories

Being an au pair is one big life experience with an opportunity to create many great memories. Laugh and play with the host family, enjoy and travel with your friends and see some of the most fascinating places in a different country.

If you keep these in mind, you’ll surely do good with your host family. If you’re looking for an excellent au pair bureau, you can visit Wecare AuPair. For more details and information about them, you can visit their website at!

The 8 To-Dos of Being An Au Pair

De 6 Do`s om een au pair te ontvangen

Om een au pair te interviewen en te matchen daar gaat veel tijd in zitten, maar bedenk wel dat jij een geschikte Aupair in jouw gezin wilt die bij jullie past en op jullie kinderen kan passen
Als jullie een keuze hebben gemaakt en de passende au pair hebben gevonden dan is het voor de au pair mooi om haar te verwelkomen in een warm huis. Hierbij 6 tips hoe voor te bereiden op haar komst:

●Verwelkom de au pair

Zorg ervoor dat jouw au pair zich onderdeel voelt van het gezin. Wees welkom en moedig haar aan thuis te blijven bij jullie om elkaar beter te leren kennen. Leer jouw kinderen om hetzelfde te doen en respect te hebben voor de au pair omdat zij ook bij het gezin hoort.


Zorg ervoor dat de au pair een nette, schone, mooie slaapkamer heeft. Het is erg belangrijk dat zij zich op haar gemak voelt. Ze zal er veel tijd door brengen wellicht met vrienden of alleen en het is erg belangrijk dat zij zich veilig voelt en welkom. Vraag haar wel om haar kamer schoon te houden.

●Vraag of ze helpt met licht huis houdelijke taken

Vraag jouw au pair om te helpen met licht huis huishoudelijke taken. Een au pair mag helpen in het huishouden, zorg ervoor dat zij een duidelijk schema heeft waarin staat wat en wanneer zij met wat kan helpen. Vraag het altijd met respect.


Bespreek de huisregels met de au pair en ook een au pair schema waarin staat wanneer zij voor de kinderen zorgt en wanneer zij kan helpen met lichthuishoudelijke taken. Wees realistisch. Zij komt om te ondersteunen waar nodig.

●Tijd met je au pair

Wat erg belangrijk is, is om tijd door te brengen met de au pair, Leer haar kennen. Zij brengt veel uren door met jullie kinderen dat is het ook prettig om te weten hoe zij in elkaar zit, en wat haar hobbies zijn etc. Laat haar de nabije buurt zien, waar je boodschappen kan doen, waar de kinderen op school zitten, stel haar voor aan de juf of meester, laat zien waar de sportschool is e.d.

●Motiveer jouw au pair
Motiveer de au pair om lid te worden van een sport vereniging of i.d. Dat ze deelneemt aan een taalcursus zodat zij nieuwe mensen leert kennen.

Respect jouw au pair zoals jij ook gerespecteerd wilt worden, behandel haar zoals jij ook behandeld wilt worden. Ben jij opzoek naar een au pair neem dan contact op met Wecare AuPair. Zij kunnen jou in contact brengen met Filippijnse aupairs. Voor meer informative bezoek hun website!

De 6 Do`s om een au pair te ontvangen