What You Should Know about Becoming an Au Pair in the Netherlands

Going abroad is both fun and challenging as it will give you the kind of experience that you can cherish for a lifetime. People go to other countries for different reasons; some would want to earn a living while others would just like to have fun exploring great places and meeting new people. Going abroad is both fun and challenging as it will give you the kind of experience that you can cherish for a lifetime. People go to other countries for different reasons; some would want to earn a living while others would just like to have fun exploring great places and meeting new people.  If you are one of those people, you may have already known that there are many options for you to go abroad, especially in The Netherlands. If you want to experience both work and fun, then you can opt to become an au pair; that is if you are a female who is about 18 to 30 years old. 
As an au pair, you provide childcare as well as do light household duties for a specific number of hours in a week and live with a host family in exchange for a room, meals, and pocket money.
You may also take children to and from school, play with them, prepare their meals, and even act as their tutor when necessary. You are expected to render your duties for 30 hours per week. 
Being an au pair in The Netherlands, you’ll be provided with a private room, all your meals and a monthly stipend of €300 and €340. What is good about it is that you’ll have two full days off every week. This gives you enough time to explore the local shops, traditional windmills and a lot more. Remember that The Netherlands is a beautiful country, so you can check out all its mesmerizing beauty and meet its wonderful people during your free days. 
In addition, you’ll have two weeks of paid vacation. If you like, you can use these days to travel around the Netherlands and even across Europe. This way, you’ll get see more amazing places and have great experiences that you can cherish for years or even for a lifetime. 
Now, if you are willing to work as an au pair in the Netherlands, you just have to comply with the requirements which include the following:

  • Speaks and understands the English language
  • Finished High School
  • Can cook basic meals
  • Can do light household chores
  • Has a valid passport
  • Has experience taking care of children
  • Can do different activities with children and enjoys being with them
  • Has a responsible, happy and spontaneous personality
  • Single or married 

If you have all these requirements, you just need to look for an honest and trusted au pair bureau like us at Wecare AuPair that can bring you safely to the Netherlands. 
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What You Should Know about Becoming an Au Pair in the Netherlands

The Best Things about Having an Au Pair at Home

I tell you, it’s not easy to be a wife, a mom, and a working woman rolled into one. All these three roles demand a lot of my time and energy, and to be honest, it caused me a lot of stress.

Child rearing is not an easy task, and having three kids is undeniably challenging. However, don’t get me wrong, it is still a lot of fun!

It’s just that there came a time when I was about to give up my job because it seemed like I couldn’t maintain the balance anymore between my personal and my professional life. This was the main reason why my husband and I have decided to apply as a host family for an au pair, and it was fortunate for us that we qualified to be one.

It was just last year when our youngest child was about five-years-old, the other two were seven and nine when Ella, our kind-hearted au pair, joined our family. She was indeed a blessing to us, so let me tell you how she made our life a lot better!

Happier Kids and a Cleaner Home

Since both my husband and I are working full time, we​ have our breakfast routine and then​ used to bring our kids to school​, you can imagine the hectic in the morning and the untidy house after we all leave!, then when coming back from work after picking up our kids from day-care the house is the same as we left it, since we are having an au pair, the children can have their breakfast in time and will be in school as well in time, as for coming home in a tidy house is great! Our au pair will pick up the kids as well in the afternoon which gives us less stress on our way going home.​

Things changed and became a lot better with Ella around. Though she only did light household chores, it helped us a lot as there was no more mess around when we got home in the afternoon.

Plus, the fact that she took good care of our kids was indeed a blessing! She was patient and she knew how to deal with children, even when they had their tantrums. Maybe, one factor that greatly helped her with this is the fact that she has younger siblings she also used to take care of.

She also acted as a tutor as she helped the kids with their school assignments and projects, especially when I did not have the time to do the task myself. We then noticed that our children also interacted well with her. We can’t thank her enough for all her efforts.

Appreciating Another Culture

Another thing that we were happy about having Ella with us was that we were able to learn and understand the Filipino culture as Ella is a Filipino. Through her attitude, we came to understand that Filipinos are friendly people and very hospitable.

We also noticed that she’s respectful, and there were several values from her country that we truly appreciated. She also shared with us some basic terms in in her own language. It was fun having her with us even for a just a year.

We are happy that we trusted Wecare AuPair, the agency that brought Ella to our family. They are a trusted au pair agency here in The Netherlands who can help families like mine and yours.

When you need an au pair, make sure that she will be recommended by a reliable agency like them. You can visit their website http://www.wecareaupair.com/ for more information.

The Best Things about Having an Au Pair at Home

Learn Other People’s Culture the Easy Way

The world we are in is inhabited by billions of people being distributed to different areas and have different cultures. It might be possible that you want to learn how some of these people live, but you just don’t have enough resources to visit their country. Fortunately, if you are still young, around 18 to 30 years old, you can avail of many ways to experience other culture for almost free. One, is to become an au pair.

Working as an aupair for a local family in a certain country gives you the chance to learn many things, including their culture.

Get to Know the Difference

If you want to travel abroad, you need to know at least some basic information about the country you want to visit which of course includes their social norms. Many cultures have taboos, and you might find that what is acceptable to you may not be good to them. Knowing that culture is relative will make you more understanding of other people’s behaviour, especially your host family.

Makes You a Better Person and Enhances Your Own Skills

As you get a first hand experience on how your host family live, you also understand their views about life which can make you more considerate about their behaviour. When it comes to skills, you will also learn how people from different cultures do things which can also help you enhance your own skills.

While it is true that you’ll get to know about other culture when you read books and the like, but nothing beats the knowledge you’ll get when you are able to experience their culture first hand. By dealing with them, you are also able to share your own culture.

Making Cultural Friends

As you get along with these people from different culture, you’ll then be able to appreciate how they live and would most likely develop a good relationship with the. Learning other’s way of life and sharing with them your own is a great start for a lasting friendship. By becoming an aupair, you give yourself the chance to widen your outlook in life, and one of the best countries to visit is the Netherlands.

In order to know more about the Dutch people and learn their culture, become an aupair. At Wecare AuPair, we would be glad to help you see this lovely country – the Netherlands! Visit us at our website http://www.wecareaupair.com/.

Learn Other People’s Culture the Easy Way

6 Tips for nieuwe Au Pairs

Als jij de wens hebt om Nederland te bezoeken en de cultuur te leren kennen denk er dan eens overna om au pair te worden! Een au pair is meestal een jonge vrouw die helpt met de licht huishoudelijke taken en het zorgen voor de kinderen in ruil voor een kamer en 3 maaltijden per dag.

Het is een geweldige kans om de cultuur te leren kennen en een gastgezin. Als jij erover nadenkt om au pair te worden dan kan Wecare AuPair jou daarbij helpen.

  • Zoek een betrouwbare au pair bureau

Er zijn meerdere au pair bureaus die bemiddeling tussen gastgezinnen en au pairs. Zij dienen als 3e partij tussen de match gastgezin en au pair.
Het is belangrijk om de term au pair te begrijpen. Dat betekent leven op dezelfde voorwaarden. Daarom zul je als een gezinslid behandeld worden.

  • Wat wil je leren van de au pair ervaring

Heb een duidelijk beeld van jouw verwachtingen!. Bijvoorbeeld: wil je echt onderdeel worden en zijn van een gastgezin? Of wil je alles gescheiden houden?
Wil je op het platteland wonen of in een grote stad?

Dit zijn allemaal belangrijke keuzes die jij kenbaar maakt tijdens de matching procedure.

  • Doe kennis op

Als je eenmaal bent gestart als au pair doe dan kennis op. Stel vragen aan het gastgezin en toon interesse. Kom te weten wat hun interesses zijn, religie, ochtend routine etc.

  • Wees eerlijk overjezelf

Om er een geslaagd jaar van te maken is er 1 ding heel erg belangrijk en dat is eerlijkheid.

  • Volg je gevoel

Als je een interview hebt met een gastgezin en het voelt niet goed, negeer dat dat niet maar praat erover. Wellicht is het niet de juiste gastgezin voor jou.
1 au pair bureau die jou droom kan waar maken om een Filippijnse aupair te worden is Wecare AuPair. Kom te weten hoe zij jou naar Nederland kunnen halen! Bezoek hun website http://www.wecareaupair.com/.

6 Tips for nieuwe Au Pairs