Learn Some Tips that Can Help You Become a Successful Au Pair

Working as an au pair is a great opportunity to travel abroad for almost free and to immerse yourself in another culture as you’ll live with your host family for a maximum of 12 months. However, while this can be really amazing, it can also be very challenging.

Just like any other endeavor, becoming an au pair has both good and the not so good sides. For example, you need to somewhat sacrifice your comfort and independence as you’ll be living with your host family, and you have to dine with kids and play with them even if you don’t feel like doing it.

This may be especially challenging if you are not really fond of children as child care will be your main job. However, with an open mind and enough ideas about the kind of culture your host country has, you can greatly benefit from this experience. You can also follow some of these tips in order to succeed in being a Filippijnse au pair.

  • Be Ready to Always Amuse Kids

You have to know that children can easily get bored which can often lead to some tantrums or a fight with their siblings. To prevent this from happening, you should always have some games for them to play, and sometimes you need to join them too. Your patience will also be tested as these kids can do anything that will really challenge you to get angry. However, instead of yelling at them when they are not behaving, have some strategies that will enable them to calm down and listen to you.

  • Earn the Child’s Respect

It is important for you to understand children’s behavior and to love them as they are innocent and sincere in everything that they do. However, you should also know how to gain their respect without compromising your relationship. You need to make them understand that you are there to take care of them, but they also need to listen to you and follow your advice. Remember that you’ll be with each other for a period of one year so it’s difficult if they would just take you for granted. Hence, you should be firm with what you tell them to make them understand that they need to obey you.

  • Have Some Cooking Skills

Since you are often left at home with the kids, you are expected to cook their food or prepare their snacks. Even if you don’t feel really comfortable cooking in your host’s kitchen, you need to impress them by showing that you can cook well. This will also make them more confident in entrusting their children to your care while they are away.

These are just a few of the things that you should be prepared with to make your experience as an au pair really worth it, and to ensure that you can find a host family who matches your personality, especially if you want to work in the Netherlands, look for agencies that can really help you just like us at Wecare AuPair! For more information, visit our website,

Learn Some Tips that Can Help You Become a Successful Au Pair

The Common Reasons Why a Dutch Family Would Hire An Au Pair

An au pair is a young person between the ages of 18 – 30 who works in another country such as The Netherlands and lives with a host family for a maximum period of 12 months. Their main task is to take care of children and help with some light housework.

This is in exchange for their board and lodging. In addition, au pairs receive pocket money from their host family, and they are given the chance to study a local language. While not every Dutch family needs an au pair, let us discuss some of the top reasons why you might need one:

● You Have One or More Children

It is a fact that when you have children, your life will definitely change, from having much time for yourself or for your work to being really busy since parenthood is a demanding job. You need to have enough time to take care of your kids, thus making your schedule more hectic. It is here where you need some help, but you can’t get it from your family or relatives as they might be busy too. When you hire an au pair, you’ll be confident that your kids will be taken care of while you are at work or elsewhere. If your kids are already going to school, your au pair can accompany them and can even sometimes act as their tutor. This is especially true if you are kind enough to treat them like your own family member.

● You Need Help with Household Tasks

Though the main task of an au pair is to take care of your kids, they can also make your burden concerning household chores a little lighter as they can also do daily vacuuming, cleaning up the kitchen, or managing the dishwasher.

● You Want to Learn Other People’s Culture

Becoming a host family for an au pair is a great way to learn how people in another country live, which can also make you broad-minded. You will be able to appreciate other people’s values as well as share you own.

● You Want to Pursue Higher Studies or Develop Some Hobbies

It is very helpful to have an au pair if you want to go back to school to pursue higher studies or if you want to develop some hobbies and skills such as cooking, sports, dancing, photography, and the like. This is because you are confident enough that your kids and your home are safe while you are away.

You can guarantee that you’ll have an honest and hard-working au pair as there are reliable agencies that can provide you with one such as Wecare AuPair. Know more about us by visiting our website http://www.wecareaupair.com/.

The Common Reasons Why a Dutch Family Would Hire An Au Pair

Filipinos: Loving and Caring People

Filipinos have a beautiful culture rooted in family values; they treat others with love and respect like how they would to their own family. They are also hardworking, responsible, and friendly. They are also known to have a great personality, and they are even considered as one of the kindest races in the world. Thus, getting an aupair from the Philippines gives you an assurance that you’ll have a kind and an industrious person at home. You can then expect that your children will be taken care of the way you do. To understand this better, here are some benefits you can enjoy when you have a Filipino aupair.


Filipinos are family-oriented, and they would take care of your child like their own family; so, you can confidently entrust your kids to them while you are at work or on a trip. They are also respectful to their elders. This is one trait that Filipinos are widely known for. Moreover, Filipinos are cheerful people, thus creating a friendly atmosphere in your home when you have them as your aupair.

Hardworking and Value Cleanliness

Filipinos are hardworking individuals. In fact, they would endure doing a job even under the harsh heat of the sun just to feed their family. They also value cleanliness. When you have a Filipino aupair, you can get the assurance that when you come home from work, you don’t only see your children clean, but your home as well as Filipinos can’t stand seeing a lot of mess around.


These kind and caring individuals would not hesitate to help anyone, even strangers. This only means that if you employ a Filipino aupair, they can become your great partner in all your tasks. Filipinos are considerate enough that if they know you have a lot of things to do, they are always willing to extend a helping hand.


One of the best traits that Filipinos are known for is hospitality. It is a Filipino trait that is characterized by heart-warming generosity and friendliness. Filipinos are friendly people and it is always a pleasure for them to receive guests – foreigners and locals alike. They are warm, and they often go out of their way to make the visitor comfortable. This amazing trait is not only seen among the “who’s who” in the society to but even among the grassroots.
Having all these positive traits, Filipinos can work well with any group of people because they are good-natured.

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Filipinos: Loving and Caring People