6 Tips for Aspiring Au Pairs

If you wish to visit and learn the culture of a foreign country in a less costly way, then you can work as an au pair. The term au pair refers to a young foreign person, typically a woman, who helps with housework or child care in exchange for free room and board.

Working as an au pair can be a great way to experience another culture. If ever you’re seriously considering becoming one, you can use the following tips to help you find a great host family and to enjoy your visit in a foreign land as an au pair.

  • Look for a Good Agency

There are several agencies that can mediate the agreement between a family and an au pair, where they make the match and dictate the terms of employment. They serve as a third party that ensures you are treated fairly and your initial contract is mutually upheld.

It is important to understand that the term “au pair” literally means “living on equal terms.” You should remember this when coming to an agreement with your host family.

  • Know What You Hope to Gain from the Experience

Have a clear picture of your expectations. For instance, do you want a family that keeps the relationship strictly professional? Or do you want to be treated like a member of the family and go with them on special occasions?

Would you prefer to stay in a lovely country villa with access to the great outdoors or you want a smaller city home where you can visit great museums and enjoy the nightlife when you have free time?

You can achieve your desired experience depending on where you choose to go and the family you live with.

  • Do Your Research

When you finally have a family to work with, you can ask a lot of questions in order to dig deeper and find out what their personalities are like, the kind of lifestyle they live, and more.

Learn about their background, religion, career, and parenting style. You should also check on certain employment details that should be outlined in a contract that you and the family need to sign. These may include your weekly schedule, daily tasks, room and board, possible flight compensation, vacation time, overtime, and language classes.

  • Be Honest about Yourself

To ensure comfort for you and the family you’ll be working with, you can tell important details about yourself on your au pair profile or application.

This can help you land a job, as well as prevent surprises on both ends, thus avoiding disappointment.

  • Trust Your Instincts

If for instance you get a bad feeling from a family profile or Skype conversation, don’t just ignore it.

However, you also need to have an open mind and remember that the risk the family is taking is bigger than yours considering that they are inviting a total stranger into their home and allowing her or him to take care of their children. If they trust you, it is likely that you can also trust them.

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6 Tips for Aspiring Au Pairs