Five Reasons to Work in the Netherlands

It’s hard to ignore the fact that in today’s global employment situation, many countries are experiencing challenges due to the persistent global crisis. This is one of the main reasons why people consider working abroad.

Now, if you are one of those people, then you can list down countries where you’ll possibly find “greener pasture”. If you’re somebody who embodies efficiency, but at the same time wants to enjoy a stress-free life, the Netherlands is the best country for you. To know why, read the reasons below.

  • No Chitchat

For the Dutch, when they say work, they mean it, and people tend to be very straightforward. You can then expect that at business meetings there are no irrelevant topics as everything evolves into business negotiations. Meetings also have strict agendas, and punctuality is deemed necessary.

If you disagree with a certain idea, you are free to express your disagreement, and if someone disagrees with you, don’t be offended and don’t take it personally. The Dutch are just honest and straightforward.

You also need to address business colleagues and partners by their last name unless they invite you to do otherwise.

  • Standard of Living

The Netherlands has ranked as the 2nd most liveable city in the world, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit global liveability ranking. This is calculated based on these factors: life expectancy, quality of water and air, disposable income, employment, and education. You should also know that most people in the country report having more positive experiences in an average day than negative ones.

  • Stress-Free Commute to Work

If you love cycling, you will surely enjoy your commute to work as it is the main form of transportation in the Netherlands. Aside from the fact that you can avoid traffic-related issues, you can also save money, get in shape, not to mention that you’re also saving the environment.

  • Great Working Conditions

Since the Netherlands houses most of the world’s top employers, you can expect exceptionally good working conditions, making it a great location to work and build a career.

  • Work-Life Balance

The Netherlands has several employers who understand that life is not all about work, and there are still many things that a person needs to attend to. Thus, they make sure no one works more than 60 hours a week, such that after a challenging day, you will still have the time for yourself or with your family.

All these are clear indicators that the Dutch are happy people.

If you plan to work in the Netherlands or at least to stay there for a short period of time just to learn more about their culture, then you can go there as aupair. To learn more about this, you can talk to the professionals at We Care AuPair, or visit their website at

Five Reasons to Work in the Netherlands

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