Why Are Dutch Kids the Happiest Kids in the World?

The Dutch has a great approach to parenting as they combine old-school family values with a modern respect for children’s autonomy and opinions. Hence, they produce very happy children who grow up confident, resilient and know their place in the world.

If you are planning to go to the Netherlands and work as an au pair, it can be helpful to know that Dutch kids are the happiest kids in the world. To delve even deeper into this, let us find out how these parents make their kids happy:

  • Family First

For the Dutch, family always comes first. Parents often make way to spend enough time with their kids and eat with them, especially during dinner which is at 6pm. There are also many fathers who take advantage of “papadag” (daddy day), a day when dads are given free time to look after their children. This makes life less stressful and more balanced for them as both parents have equal roles in child-rearing. Obviously, when parents are happy, the kids are also happy.

  • Taking It Easy

One of the best things about the Dutch culture is that parents do not interfere too much in the activities of their kids and have a pretty healthy attitude towards them. They consider them as individuals, not just extensions of themselves. They do not also cause any pressure on their kids when it comes to achievements, especially in school, and they believe in their children’s strengths. Moreover, they do not measure the worth of their children’s success based only on school grades.
The Dutch parents also allow their kids to explore and discover their own talents and skills. They can also freely go to the neighbourhood and play with other kids on weekends. Children under ten years old have enough time to play since they are not given any assignments during the weekend.

  • Kids’ Opinions Count

Dutch children have trust and confidence in themselves because they are allowed to express their opinions, which their parents respect.

  • Exciting Breakfast

Even at the start of their day, Dutch kids already have something to be happy about. They enjoy a staple breakfast called “hagelslag” or chocolate sprinkles, which they liberally pour onto white bread smeared with butter and enjoy eating with their family.

With all these facts, there is no doubt why Dutch kids are the happiest kids in the world. This would also mean that if you want to work as a Filippijnse aupair, it is very likely that you will not have difficulty in dealing with these happy children. To ensure that you will find a host family that fits your personality, you can talk to the staff at We Care Au Pair and they can help you work in the Netherlands.

Why Are Dutch Kids the Happiest Kids in the World?

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