Three Tips for Host Families to Pick a Good Au Pair

More than Just a babysitter

Sometimes parents cannot help but hire someone from the outside or a non-family member to take care of the children while they work hard to earn enough money. This is often a common case when the parents’ own family members are either busy themselves, too far away, too old, or too young.

At times, even family friends may be unable to help as they might have their own children to take care of and their own problems to handle. In other words, bothering them is out of the question, and parents have to look elsewhere for child care.

As a result, parents search for nanny services or something similar for the sake of ensuring that their children are looked after properly. However, parents can be part of an experience that is more than just simply hiring a nanny to care for the children, they can instead hire an au pair.

Some parents might encounter that term for the first time, so here is a short overview: Au pairs are young adults from a different country families can host in their homes to take care of the children.

These young adults can also do other light household chores such as cleaning the house, bringing the children to school, light cooking, etc. Apart from all that, host families can also have the opportunity to learn about cultures of different countries from au pairs.

How Do Host Families Pick Au Pairs?

Host families though should also know a thing or two about picking an au pair that is right for them.

After all, they will be living with each other for at least three to 12 months, and that is a long time! That being said, here are a few pointers on how host families can pick their au pairs:

  • Use Skype and other online communication tools for interviews. While host families can exchange emails and instant messages, it is a good idea to actually talk to them online. This is a great way for assessing their language skills and if both parties might encounter difficulties communicating with each other. For host families with children who are quite young, superb language skills may not be such a big deal since they (the children) might not even speak well yet too.
  • Carefully read their application. Host families have to learn how to read between the lines in an au pair’s application. Applications are supposed to be the initial introduction of au pairs to their host families, so they should be done seriously and with good intention. An application that is sloppily made may indicate an applicant who might not take their duties and responsibilities seriously. An ideal application is one that has a positive tone and free of any negative statements, as these sorts of applications indicate someone who is confident and builds good relationships.

The Right Match

There are many websites that have host family-au pair matching features like our site at Through these tips and the Wecare AuPair matching services, we can help families find someone who can not only care for children, but provide a rich cultural experience.

Visit our website to find out more details about our au pair program!

Three Tips for Host Families to Pick a Good Au Pair

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