Host Family Tips for Getting Along with Their Au Pair

Getting into the Au Pair Program

Among one of the many priorities parents keep in mind is ensuring that their children receive the proper care they deserve. Of course, there are several factors that come with properly caring for children apart from plainly just looking after them.

This also involves having to work in order to earn enough money to spend on the children’s basic needs. Depending on the kind of work, parents can consume a considerable amount of time generating income in order to provide a comfortable life for their children.

In result, parents may not have as much time as they would want to have with their children, especially when both are working. During certain cases though, having the other parent stop working can result in future financial difficulties.

It is a common dilemma for a number of parents in the Netherlands, especially since daycare centers or local nannies can have rates that are a little expensive. However, there is a solution to every dilemma, and for this one, there is the option to host an au pair.

“An au pair is a young person aged between 18-31, who lives with a host family abroad, for a period of six up to 12 months, in order to improve on the English language, learn a new language and to experience a new culture –

Tips for Au Pair Host Families

In a way, hiring an au pair is quite similar to hiring an in-house nanny who lives with the host family almost like a regular family member. Another reason why they are similar to nannies is because they can be tasked to do light household chores, mainly focusing on taking care of the children.

The au pair program may be something that is completely new to some families. Therefore, to clear things up a bit, here are a few tips for host families when managing their au pair:

  • Communicate with the au pair before they even leave their own country. Thanks to several instant messaging, video call and voice call programs, this can be extremely easy to do. Host families should frequently be in contact with their future au pair even before the au pair arrives at their doorstep. This initial period of getting to know each other can help both the host families orient the au pair on their expectations, duties and responsibilities, and more! Doing this can also help host families assess their au pair’s language skills and learn ways for the both of them to adjust early on. Host families can do advanced communication with their au pairs via Skype, Facebook, email, and plenty other online communication options available!
  • Prepare the au pair’s room when she arrives. Au pairs should be treated as part of the family, so it only makes sense for her arrival to be special in a way. Of course, it does not necessarily mean a host parent has to prepare a red carpet, roses and scented candles in her room. Simply making sure that the au pair’s room is neat, clean and has the necessary elements such as a TV, mobile phone, computer with internet access, bed and table, etc. is a great way to welcome her. Host families can even consider preparing a small arrival gift such as a basket of homemade goods for an added special touch. This is among one of the best ways for host families to start their au pair experience on the right foot.
  • Have time to get to know each other better. Remember that the au pair is a complete stranger to the host family. A host family can only know so much about their au pair through Skype or online messaging, and the best way of knowing them better is through personal, face-to-face communication. Personal aspects like what upsets the host family or au pair, what to do when either of them is upset, hobbies, pet peeves, etc. can make for a great discussion. That way, host families can have a fun experience and smooth relationship with their au pair.

Hire a Filippijnse Au Pair

Filippijnse or Filipino au pairs are well-known for being great at taking care of children due to their nurturing and family-oriented nature. Even at a young age, some Filipino kids are tasked to care for younger siblings or family members, and are taught how to do regular household chores.

For those interested in hiring a Filipino au pair, they can visit our website to be perfectly matched with the ideal au pair!

Host Family Tips for Getting Along with Their Au Pair

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