Top Reasons to Consider Hosting an Au Pair for Child Care

An Opportunity in Child Care

In this fast-paced world and environment, people are trying their hardest to keep up with sometimes rapid changes, like an increase in the cost of living in certain countries. This is especially true for families, or more specifically parents, living in the Netherlands.

Like plenty other countries in Europe, the Netherlands is no exception to increasing prices in day-to-day household commodities and needs. Due to these demands, parents or couples find themselves in a situation where they both have to work in order to properly support their family.

While that is quite a common practice in these modern times, it leaves the question of who is supposed to take care of the children when both parents are working? It may be convenient to those couples who have nearby relatives or reliable neighbors, but what if that is not the case?

In the Netherlands, there is an available child care program for parents looking for someone to help out. Apart from providing families with child care assistance, this program also opens an opportunity for the families to learn about different cultures.

This is because in this program, young individuals aged 18-30 from a different country like the Philippines are screened, interviewed and matched with a family in the Netherands. This individual, called an au pair, will then live with the matched host family and assist in taking care of the children and other light household chores.

Why Consider an au pair?

Having an au pair can be a memorable and interesting experience for both the children and the parents. It is sort of like having a foreign guest stay at the house for an extended period of time. It is just that the guest is tasked to help around the house, especially in looking after the children.

Some parents might wonder why they might have to hire an au pair when they can just hire a local nanny or drop off their children at the daycare center. To satisfy those wondering minds, here are some reasons one may want to consider finding an au pair:

  • Their rates are more cost effective. Finding a local, professional nanny can be quite costly for a family, and daycare centres also have their daily or hourly fees that can also amount to a huge cost. Parents would want only the best for their children and sometimes money does not matter, but what if there was a more affordable option for providing quality child care? Au pairs are considerably more cost effective or more affordable than the aforementioned options, more often than not just a minimum of 300 euros a month!
  • They help out at home. As mentioned before, au pairs can also do certain light household chores such as cooking and light cleaning. It is also more convenient to have the household assistant stay at home, so the child also stays at the comforts of his own home. There will no longer be a need for the child to be brought out and into a daycare center, then in returning home, they have to be brought out again. Having the child stay at home with the au pair caring for them also comes as a convenience during unfavorable weather conditions. Having extra help at home can help significantly improve day-to-day home routines, as parents will have more time to properly prepare for work and take care of themselves.
  • They are recommended for those only looking for temporary help. For parents simply waiting until a family member moves in to help or whatnot, an au pair can fill in and help them relax while waiting. In certain au pair programs, these individuals help for a maximum of one year until they are asked to return to their home countries. If what the parents are looking for is temporary help while they adjust to busy jobs or for some other reason, an au pair can be the right solution. They (the parents) will be able to have an easier time settling themselves and their children down until they are ready to live without any extra help.

Sign up as a Host Family!

The aupair agency or and au pair program is a worldwide movement, and those families in the Netherlands who want to find their au pair can visit the website at On the website is more information as to how families can start qualifying for becoming a host family, and being matched with the right au pair.

Let the children experience an interestingly different form of child care, find help from someone who is naturally loving and nurturing towards children, an au pair!

Top Reasons to Consider Hosting an Au Pair for Child Care

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